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Motivated by the success of high-performance computing (HPC) and associated techniques in the past decade, the cloud and HPC industries are developing open source data storage systems and frameworks in the hope of accelerating the use of big data. These new technologies can greatly impact all phases of the data analysis workflow, from its capture and storage, to its access and querying, through to its visualization and data mining. We present an in-depth case study of how Apache Hadoop and Apache Hive play a crucial role in empowering analysts and developers to make better use of big data. BiblioPILOT BiblioPILOT is a 2-year project funded by the Danish Centre for Scientific Computing. The project aimed to provide data-driven insights on the scholarly reading behaviour of professional researchers and doctoral candidates in five disciplines: Business and Management, Computer Science, Education, Social Sciences, and Psychology. During the project period, approximately 4400 professional researchers, doctoral candidates, and technical experts from Danish universities and research institutes were surveyed. The project received considerable media coverage in Denmark and was covered by various national and international media outlets such as The Guardian, Scientific American, BBC, and The Washington Post. Project outcomes include: A statistical model of the relationship between citation behavior and research impact (following up on Bibliometric Explorer’s results) A bibliographic data repository of all works referenced in the publications of Danish researchers An analysis of authors’ bibliographies, showing that researchers have a broad range of interests and read widely in different subfields. An analysis of how PhD students cite their supervisors’ research An analysis of how professors cite the research of their most-cited PhD students. An analysis of how professors search for research in the form of Google Scholar queries NetGalley OpenAI While the open source nature of the project allows anyone to contribute to and benefit from it, the extreme complexity of the software makes it difficult to do so. NetGalley was developed as a decentralized e-book platform, designed to have one version of the code running for every registered user (network). As a research project, NetGalley is distributed over several computational resources of the open source community. OpenAI hosts the python frontend, and a set of volunteer contributors run the back-end. NetGalley is a distributed data platform and service that enables both consumers




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IBM SPSS Statistics 25.0 HF002 IF001 Crack Mac Osx

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